" Software that demands attention. "

LiveMurals Interactive develops software utilising computer vision for Windows applications, Flash animations, Facebook games, and multi-touch applications.

We offer a suite of services and solutions including the following.

1. Webcam Interactivity

User-friendly, highly functional designs that are also fun and entertaining is crucial for successful websites. The integration of custom-designed interactive flash applications keep visitors engaged.

Right now, pre-made interactive games and special effects applications have been made available for you to include into your blog or website for free! The html code to add premade flash applications can be found under selected projects kept on the SHOWCASE page.

2. Interactive Murals ™

Interactive Murals brings a new dimension to traditional signages. Interactive Murals use projectors to cast visually powerful images that react to people in the proximity.

Interactive Murals are extremely attention-grabbing - people walking past will stop to interact, giving your product the visibility it deserves.

3. Digital Signages

The concept and appeal of interactive digital signages are similar to Interactive Murals, except digital signages use LCD screens to display interactive images. The visually stunning effects have the ability to enhance the ambience of places and events such as clubs, bars, restaurants, shopping malls and building reception areas, just to name a few.

The key advantage of using LCD screens is that it is functional in places with space constraints.
4. Mob Gaming ™

Mob Gaming is best exemplified as an interactive game played by a group of people, where gameplay is controlled by their coorperated movement. We can customise and extend Mob Gaming applications to different environments and various game concepts. We are happy to explore possibilities.

LiveMurals can help to create and customise a Mob Gaming application for your next marketing campaign, just speak to us and tell us how we can help!

5. Multi-Touch Solutions

Multi-touch applications are highly customisable for any use - from arcade game machines and interactive maps for public use (malls, parks, museums, etc) to interactive decorative pieces.

LiveMurals can provide sdk, software development and consultation for hardware/software.

6. In-Game Advertising

We are creating a series of games that are targeted for viral marketing through highly popular media such as Youtube, Facebook and other social networking websites.

We welcome advertising partners for ad placements within our games.